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Sarah Wilson

Welcome to my fundraising page for World Bicycle Relief Australia!

As you might know, when I closed my IQuitSugar.com business I said I was donating the profits to charity and the freed-up time to working on good projects.

I’ve looked into a bunch of charitable projects over the past six months and, well, World Bicycle Relief found me and the partnership ticked all the good boxes. I swiftly became the Ambassador to help the global charity (it’s already distributed over 420,000 Buffalo bicycles) kick big goals. Just in time for Christmas!

What we’re going to do

We are going to give a whole school in Africa enough bikes to ensure many more young girls have access to education.

How are we going to do it?

Simply click on the donate button. And here’s the thing. Whatever you guys raise, I will match it, dollar for dollar. Bam! We will hit our goal of $30,000!

Each Buffalo Bicycle, specially designed and manufactured by World Bicycle Relief, costs only $AUD195 - including manufacturing, delivery, and assembly.

Why this charity?

The simple idea produces multiple results that make a real difference. It enables. It gives bright young people a chance. It mobilises them through The Power of Bicycles.

  • In the communities they target, half of students don’t finish primary school. In many cases it is simply because they physically can’t get to school.
  • Access to education has a ripple on effect: avoiding potential child marriage, and ending the cycle of poverty and disease. Girls in these areas face a disproportionate risk of acquiring HIV. Many are married or pregnant before age 18. And most, along with their families, live on less than $2 USD per day.
  • Access to a bike also sees a young girl able to better avoid being raped on her way to school. That simple.
  • With a Buffalo Bicycle, she can cover four times the distance, and for every 16 kms, three hours of time is saved.
  • Students who have access to a bike have increased school attendance by 28%,
  • And their academic performance has improved by 59%.

The other bit I like: the program provides a maintenance program in the village. Also, it has accountability. The student keeps the bike so long as it’s used to get to school regularly, and only if the student doesn’t need it to get to school can it be used by family members for other purposes eg. getting produce to the markets on weekends or deliver milk to the Dairy Co-op.

Give a bike for Christmas

Hate the rampant waste and consumerism this time of year? Here is a way for us to steer our ‘giving dollars’ to something that helps humanity in the most ingenious and direct way.

Donate a Buffalo Bicycle.

Thanks and let's get rolling!

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